Account Based Marketing
Image from Celsius International

The B2B marketers who have developed the proper ABM Strategy are sure to find that it is rather easy to implement the account-based marketing program. There cannot be a common strategy for personalized marketing. In this type of marketing, the goals as well as the methods to achieve the goals vary from company to company. Hence the marketers should ensure that their ABM program should work according to their strategy as well as the marketing methods that they have adopted. The ABM program can be either a simple E-mail campaign or a comprehensive marketing campaign involving various channels. In order to make the ABM campaign the most effective, the marketers should ensure that the targeted customers receive consistent messages which are properly segmented. Only a content-driven campaign can facilitate customer engagement as well as exchange of views. Instead of the short-time campaign or the “just one-time” approach, the campaign with sufficient duration is more productive.

Marketers may go through the following steps in order to ensure a successful ABM program.

  1. Choose the target accounts

For a personalized marketing program, the marketer must prepare a list of selected customers from the target market. One can identify the potential customers by going through the sales data or by any other method.

  1. Develop relevant content

The marketing campaign will be effective only if it supported by relevant content. The target customer must find the content useful, informative and interesting so that he will show interest to know more about the product or the service offered by the marketer.

  1. Have specific goals

In personalized marketing, the marketers will be communicating with only a limited number of customers. Hence, while communicating with each target customer, the marketers should have a specific goal and should channelize all their efforts to realize the same.

  1. Choose the proper channels

In the ABM program, selection of proper channels as well as methods is very important to ensure desired results. Multi-channel approach is often found more effective. Apart from emails and direct mails, the other channels that are used in ABM include display of ads through ad networks, advertising on social networks like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, search advertising on Google, Telemarketing and real-time Web Personalization. Advertising on social networks, search advertising on Google and Telemarketing are paid services.

Those who use the selected channels for their ABM program must ensure to develop relevant and creative content and should also provide sales alerts to engage the target customers when they visit the website. Marketers who spend their resources and time for Account Based Marketing should have the proper ABM Strategy so that they will be able to generate demand and get high volume business from their high-value customers.