Driving your ecommerce business even before your competitors means you need to have a killer ecommerce marketing plan.  Begin by:

Setting marketing goals

It is easier to work better on things you know what you are exactly trying to work. Thus, we must create a set of goals so that we meet our targets and as the goalposts change, our goals also will undergo a change. Remember to focus on few answers to these questions:

  • What are we aiming to achieve?
  • How we will know when it is achieved?

To do this, setting measurable and definable goals is essential so that it is apparent, you achieved something or not.  The goals you set should rely on your past performance and business overall strategy. However, to attain success in ecommerce marketing plan, you may stretch targets.

Target market

One of the essential ecommerce marketing parts is in figuring out the market or the person you are targeting. Most of you figure it out and so keep reminding yourself of your aim and the target.

Cover the general target market and take one step further, outline the important personas of your target market. These subgroups may show different interests and behaviors, thus market through different channels in a different way.

Another important factor that helps your acquisition strategy is in exactly knowing where your target market is and the place the personas hang out. What newspapers, blogs, events, magazines, apps, shops and tv channels do they go to or use? Where do they spend time after work? Which is their favorite place for lunch?

In this way you can go on, the more targeted are only when the picture is clearer. Thus your ecommerce marketing campaigns are effective if you keep track of the target market details.

Influencer map

Check the individuals who can influence your target market’s behavior? Where do they look for advice or whom do they prefer and who are their mentors?

These are the people you must try building relationships with so that you can team up potentially to do some marketing, besides leverage their marketing channel.  You cannot just start on, so work on split attraction campaigns such as ongoing and on-off channels.

Ongoing – This covers the channels of ecommerce marketing that you are using repeatedly to market your products, such as automated email or Adwords. You can optimize targeting over time and test new ideas out and also revolve over a similar theme.

On-off – These campaigns are for a set period of time and are run over numerous channels. They are designed specifically to achieve particular goals such as increasing the acquisition of new customer or driving engagement employing numerous touch points in a time period. This is effective with a new product launch, a big competition or a sale.