Hi Marketers,

today, going across some articles from top blogs like Bloomberg Technology and Techcrunch I saw bloggers writing about errors into Facebook measurement.

I want to say… How is possible that a Big Player like Facebook doesn’t take attention providing good infos to marketers? Why in 2017 Facebook insight is not fully integrated with Google Analytics? How is possible that for 2 years there were maths error and nobody did anything?

But lets start from the beginning

Why marketers are not trusting anymore into Facebook insights?

First of all we have to say that in September as was reported by the wall street journal, Facebook was overestimating Video Metrics for two years probably by a messed up math.

In November was announced that there were problems also with the page organic reach lol.

I was feeling that was just something that was going to be fixed when Facebook started using a Third Party verification program but according with what just came up in November 9th, 2016, Looks like that the problem is still there even if we can exactly tell according with Marketing Land where those error are placed:

  1. Organic Reach overstated
  2. Video Completion rates understated
  3. Instant Article Time spent overstated
  4. analytics for apps referrals overstated
  5. interest list retired

There is still a math error…

there is no impact with the money that advertiser are spending but for sure now we have a problem trusting in its metrics.

Here the image published from Marketing Land that confirm the issue:


Looking forward to read some good news before the end of the year

Hope to be back trusting again on Facebook metrics.

Buon Weekend  Marketers