Google announced the initiation of Mobile-First indexing, and businesses wonder how it can impact their ranking. There are sites featuring mobile first and they consider their sales will skyrocket and the sites that are not mobile-friendly fear their rank would plummet. Actually, Google indexing gives importance to the supreme and the businesses are advised not to rush towards mobile marketing and mobile versions.

It is important to understand how to leverage Google indexing into mobile marketing to get the benefit. There are three important factors for local marketing namely:

Ensure speed of your site

Each site has two seconds maximum to load to gain ecommerce acceptability and the aim of Google is less than a finger snap. So, improve your site speed by:

  • Optimizing images
  • Leverage caching browser
  • Compress code
  • Reduce redirects

If a user discovers your site is slow, the chance of converting a call is minimized. Internet users anticipate flawless user experience and it is mandatory for businesses to provide that to the users.

Design keeping mobile in mind first

SEO is an art and it is today more than a mere code or ranking signal. They are expected to understand the design used to influence rankings. Some important points worth considering:

  • Bid farewell to flash, instead use HTML5 of Java as many mobile users cannot use on their phones the flash.
  • Show exit to pop-ups so that your users stay in your site and you enjoy good bounce rate.
  • Design digits as navigation should be easy. Mobile users navigate sites using fingers and so it should be navigating friendly.

Understand the impact on Local Search

Searchers have the practice of visiting a business that is nearby and that is done within a day. However, Google always ensures to offer accurate and most curated experience to their users and this is apparent from the updates such as Possum that ascertain people have the required right information when required. As these searches are done mostly on mobiles, the Possum convergence and mobile indexing implies for the local marketers big gains, provided you are doing it perfectly. Follow these hints:

  • Have readily apparent business name, address and phone
  • In the meta description of the site, name our state and city
  • Ensure the city and state are also written in the alt tags

Also, optimize your local listings, thereby offer a seamless mobile experience and enjoy the Google game by staying on top.