Of all the digital marketing techniques used these days, email marketing is considered to be the most effective tool that delivers an excellent Return on Investment.  Many fashion stores use email marketing as their main fashion marketing method and online fashion strategy to reach out to their current as well as prospective customers. Although many people consider marketing emails and newsletters to be very annoying, there are many ways to make them effective so that they deliver the desired results. In fact email marketing has been proven to be the most powerful and effective way to attract customers and encourage them to make a purchase. Customers who come to your online fashion store from an email are more likely to buy something from the store as compared to other channels, making it one of the most important media for communicating with the customers.

A few reasons why businesses use email to reach their customers is because they are fast, personal, inexpensive and easily trackable. Here is how you can create and manage an effective email marketing for your fashion store:

  • Design and Content – In order to entice your customers and keep them interested, your emails need to have an attractive design and engaging content. You need to have a clear idea of what you want to send to your email A carefully planned, personalized content is the key to successful email marketing.
  • Understand Your Audience – Try to get as much information about your customers as possible, including their location, birthdays, anniversaries, preferences and motivations. Heat maps, A/B testing, click tracking and eye tracking can be used in your email campaigns to get a better understanding of user behavior.
  • Use Videos in Emails – As opposed to images or plain text, videos are found to be more interesting and engaging. By sending videos on a regular interval, you will notice a higher click through rate of your emails.
  • Use Captivating Subject Lines – A customer may receive plenty of marketing emails from many brands and so in order to stand out from the rest, a captivating subject line is a must. Use straightforward subject lines that clearly tell them what the content of the email is.
  • Combine Email and Social Media – Integrating email marketing into your social media is a great way to increase site visitor engagement.

When it comes to online fashion or retail brands, email marketing, when done properly, is very effective  in delivering the customers with the right message at the right time. Email marketing has been found to help the fashion  industry achieve amazing engagement rates. With the introduction of smart phones, fashion marketing through email has become really easy too. If you are an online fashion store owner, email marketing is a great starting point for your journey. Even if you are using email marketing, make sure to come up with an effective online fashion strategy to make the ROI even better.