My first article is going to be about a kind of issue that you guys are experiencing in this period: Google take off the side ads.

What happen now?

I am still trying to figure out which kind of changes I can make to my ads but as reported by wordstream “Google has confirmed a huge change to the way Adwords ads are displayed for desktop search results”

Screen Shot 2016-03-16 at 9.22.08 AMAs you can see the ads are disappeared from the right side and I can say that my first feeling seeing only ads in the top and in the bottom was to push the bids of my keywords that were not performing well or just, at least, push for now the one with Avg. position under 3.0.

Going across this article I understood better why Google made this change. My personal first thought at the beginning was to make more money 😉 but looks like there is also a reason linked with the customer experience and better mobile experience.

Let’s review step by step what is happening

Impact with Organic Results

The only thing is going to differentiate organic list from paid list is the little yellow label. I think that people will be clicking more likely to the top SERPs than the past when the ads were more clearly showed as “ADS”

Analytics Expectations

I believe that this article gave me some ideas and pointed out what I was looking into my Adwords campaigns

  1. CPCs went up across the board
  2. Impressions dropped
  3. More competition (this is the most exciting part)
  4. Mobile First

What should I do as Marketer reviewing the campaigns?

  1. Review the ADS (click “Ad preview and Diagnosis” and review results by location, language, device)
  2. Review the AVG position in search results (we have to keep in mind that we need an Avg position higher than 3.0 or 4.0. If we are lower than that the ad will be pushed lower than organic results
  3. Increase the average position in search results for relevant keywords (increase bids or improve the Quality Score)
  4. Bid more on branded terms than in the past in order to maintain market share
  5. Increase focus on social media channels such Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook
  6. Use extensions. Extensions were available only for TOP ads. Now extensions begin fundamental as Google will show ONLY top ads

How the positions have been changed

Position 1-3 on the right side is now position 4. Position 5-7 on right side ads are now bottom of page 1-3.


I recommend to follow measuring DOD and WOW your Google Analytics and keep calm. I believe that every one of us is experiencing some changes in data in those days but I really believe that we will get there

Buon Lavoro