Today I was thinking about what make a difference be tween a regular fashion eCommerce and a luxury fashion eCommerce.

For sure you don’t want look like CHEAP.

But before to go over this argument lets make a recap about what an eCommerce should be from a UX prospective in 2017

As suggested by Pankaj an eCommerce in 2017 needs to have the following points:

  1. Be Visual and have videos everywhere
  2. Smaller the screen and longer the scroll
  3. Omnichannel is a must. You should go mobile-first
  4. eCommerce needs to have a virtual personal assistant (like siri)
  5. Interactive shopping = material design + card design + animation (swipes, taps and gesture)
  6. Big Data and predictive analysis (personalize the store)
  7. Augmented reality and Immersive experience

Based on those guidelines a luxury website should follow the same thing but first of all a luxury website needs to be beautiful tending to look like expensive. A luxury website needs to be attractive in the same way an actor/actress does.

For sure if you want to create the luxury feeling you will be using lot of white spaces, keep a low number of products displaying and use few colors.

Mobile for sure will be the main channel where users will look for the products. No matter where your client will buy shoes or Rolex, they will do some preliminary researches on their phones

Another thing vey important for a luxury web design is the typography. Make sure it works with your ideal branding

Don’t use pictures that are common. Brand tends to use sometimes stock photo but you should try to avoid them as much as possible

Luxury websites are usually throwing out the usability best practices because they can cut the creativity. This is for sure a WRONG IDEA. An please don’t use a lot of even if there are some tools that are making it great.

Use the scarcity. Keep the Idea that the user is one of the invited to the club and not just one customer

An REMEMBER, luxury no longer means high price. PAY ATTENTION TO DETAILS