Facebook, the simple social media has today become a big ecommerce platform and is now featuring messaging platforms; thereby the Facebook Messenger has lots of users. Keeping your eye open will reveal the fact that by 2017 end there will be a hoard of people on Messenger.

Zuckerberg has now convinced marketers in the recent years to consider traditional advertising than investing gigantic budgets on advertising. Now, it is apparent with the Messenger bots that in a few years, the digital ads spending is sure to excel the TV ads. Using this, Zuckerberg is monetizing Facebook delving into the artificial intelligence so that the computer software programs here are referred to as bots and they will be taking over customer service functions and sales on the Facebooks Messenger platform.

Facebook is sure to make more dollars on marketing these Messenger bots. Facebook will pursue their understanding of consumers interacting and gain insight of the products they like and the content they can consume, thereby add dollars to Facebook and value to marketers. However, the testing is going on if these bots can re-engage people with sponsored messages. To be precise, this is something coming new that each marketer should pay attention as the bots are expected soon.  Here are a few that are useful for marketers:

Fynd’s Fify

Fify asserts to be a transaction bot and an intelligent fashion discovery. “Fify will have both, personality and memory and same as humans. This is one of the messenger bots that is expected to behave differently with varying people, such that she will remember the taste and preferences of each individual. She will be aware of that is happening in the world. Fify will refer about Fynd Fashion initially and eventually do things relating to fashion, alert about new arrivals, discuss trends and gossip about even the latest movie star fad is claimed.


Twyla is another messenger bots that features an artificial intelligence platform for messaging and puts a chatbot in the live chat channels, to free up your agents, answer questions and deflect tickets. Thus, you can see the bots live demo here. This bot is suitable for businesses where upselling and cross selling are in play.

Burger King

Burger King is the new messenger bots that made fast food faster. You can order and pick on demand. You can choose items from the menu and pick it up from the closest restaurant. The bot offers an approximate price and time. It is right now not available, but the demo shows its working style. This bot is a sure bet to inflate food sales.