Are you creating web pages, have a content calendar and are developing solid blog contents. Have you sent out marketing emails and your inbound marketing efforts are up and your time is running out? The ideal way to foster your leads now is by setting up marketing automation workflow. Regardless of the platform you are using, you must know these points.

  1. Identify Your Goal

Fostering workflows means you have to increase the level of interest in the leads with appropriate and helpful content to ensure the stage of lead with consideration, awareness and decision. With each email build a leads comfort within the workflow and have confidence in the business you are providing to equip it with more detail, more information and assistance.

Identifying the starting point is crucial, same as the end-goal for each workflow. This goal may helps converting a lead or a qualified lead into a marketing qualified lead or convert sales qualified lead. The content to be used in the workflow is easy on establishing the outset of the goal. Thus the very nature is focused on the funnel top, middle or bottom of the full.

  1. Recognize Your Assets

Workflow content must target towards the leads in the funnel. Thus, you can track in an organized way. Whether you put it in an Excel sheet, Word document, or any other form, the effort to document is well worth.  Note the topics relating the funnel stage, the content written for, and its creation date. This makes life easier as you buildup different workflows.

Clearly document the content that you will be using in each workflow, so that you can see at one glance that you have used and also get an idea where the content needs to be swapped out or updated.

  1. Know Your Options

Setting up marketing automation workflow implies choosing from three essential types:

  • Standard: Initiate by the enrollment such as completing a form, visit a webpage or join a smart list.
  • Fixed date: Activated by a calendar date, Such as a webinar, holiday or conference.
  • Property-based: A workflow activated by a contact date property such as a renewal date or a lease expiration date.

If you are in the starting stages, use a standard workflow, as it is the easiest to build the topic and related content to be documented.

When setting up individual workflow emails, opt for:

  • Personalization – This allows tailoring emails with information of your leads at basic level. Personalization helps developing engagement.
  • Smart content – This is an advanced option to set workflow emails that serve up customized content. Using smart content within the workflow, enables providing appropriate information to the leads.
  1. Discern Your Metrics

Setting a marketing automation workflow implies you must check its performance regularly and review content to ensure the data is in use. Check the click-through rates of emails and check if the subject line has clarity to the content. Also keep tab on spam rate. 

  1. See What More You Can Do

Fostering emails alone is not enough; you can include internal marketing processes. Set workflows to pass with lead details and when it is daunting, consider a little planning to make the process easier. Start with confidence.