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today scrolling my twitter Home I got a super interesting article about SEO from Forbes where Josh Steimle is talking about SEO strategies before website launch. This article captured my attention because I really believe that the strategy begins exactly before the website development, well I would say right before the website idea! A website idea needs to be for sure SEO friendly in 2016 and needs to start to form a clear scientific checklist (I totally believe in that)

After the AdWords changes and google analytics 360 suite, I started in those days to rethink something on my campaigns and on my mentality strategically speaking. The user experience for desktop changed and our website is not any more pure aesthetics (well, of course, they need to be eye-catching). Today designers need to understand SEOs needs

Where our checklist has to start?

Ok, that’s a good point. I was following what I found in Forbes but I really think that the article is missing something. Techwyse talking about “Things to Optimize before the website launch” is talking about several other elements and not just UX(that is very important but not the only one at all):

  • Using keywords in URLs
  • Title and Meta data
  • Responsive Design
  • Optimize Visuals
  • Good links Structure for Crawl

So the best answer that I got for the best Checklist to use for my future projects came(I would say the most of the times) from Search Engine Land. Thank God to give to us this amazing team to help to improve our strategies

SEO Checklist for 2016

This si the final checklist that I will start using starting by my next projects and I hope can we useful for you going ahead and waiting for something new to learn from Google & Co.

  1. Create a “Coming Soon” page optimizing the basics (search engines give to older sites more authority, The “coming soon page” is a source of leads, the page can help to build the brand, we can begin connecting users, we can add contacts
  2. Build Social Media profiles
  3. Be ready with at least 10 Blog posts (I always push to create a blog in-site I feel That is a great strategy to start getting Users organically)
  4. Create all pages and be sure they are optimized (The optimization is a MUST before the launch)
  5. Have guests blogging to build links to your domain(we need influencers)
  6. Put the website in niche directories (be sure to have the website in the right directory. This is a VEEERY important step before the launch)
  7. Sign up. in core sites (Google+, Yelp, Bing Places, etc)
  8. Create a media kit
  9. Could be a great idea create a series of press release
  10. In my opinion, a next step can be possible the generation of videos
  11. If you are launching a product have bloggers review before launch
  12. Pay for a pre-launch ad strategy
  13. Be ready for newsletters

Technical Checklist

don’t forget to have a kind of Tech IT Checklist going with that

  1. Setup a company email address
  2. Setup Google Analytics
  3. Setup Google Search Console
  4. Setup Webmaster Tools(Google, Bing)
  5. Check 404 or 500 errors
  6. Check Technical errors (301, 302)
  7. Check Broken links
  8. Create a site map
  9. Check site speed
  10. Check robot.txt


Don’t launch an unoptimized site. Make sure your strategy is strong and powerful in the post-launch

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