Hello Guys,

Was curious what happened again to me a few days ago when I got on my hands a new account and when I started looking at its conversions and metrics. Well after I built the dashboard  based on client goals we started sending out numbers to the client and by there we started receiving a lot of questions about numbers from conversions.

“Why in GA we have this number and in Adwords another one?“

Well, those are some questions that some of us can have when looking at this metric in GA needing to report to the client the results of a specific campaign. (of course, we need to show that we are great and we are doing a super job for the client but we need to be sure we have all answer and we really know what we are reporting)

The answer is this: Adwords and Analytics track conversions in 2 different ways

Of course, we have different numbers but those numbers are not wrong. Let’s take a look at an example to see what that means

Attribution Time

Adwords: time of goal completions / Time of last ad click before conversion, not the conversion itself
Analytics: time of transaction completed

Here google gave us an amazing tab where this is explained perfectly

But again there is another discrepancy that we can get looking at Adwords and Google Analytics: The conversion rate

The conversion rate is calculated in a different way in Adwords and in GA:

Adwords: Click conversion rate = Conversions / Clicks
Analytics: Goal conversion rate = Conversions / Sessions

Conversion Tracking Checklist

So let’s make a checklist to-do as Google suggest:

1.    Verify that you have correctly linked your AdWords account and your Analytics property
2.    Verify that you have correctly linked your AdWords account and your Analytics property
3.    Check to see whether auto-tagging will work for your site
4.    If your site does support auto-tagging, enable it
5.    Make sure the destination URLs in your ads are tagged correctly
6.    Check to be sure that none of your filters are removing AdWords data

I would add also
7.    Define with the client goals and conversions
8.    Explain to the client the discrepancy and make sure to be in the same page tracking conversions
9.    Make sure the definition of the conversions is exactly in line with the e-commerce/client goals
10.    Enjoy collecting data

And hey guys don’t forget bullet point about your data!

Hope you had a great Easter

Enjoy your data

Buon Lavoro,

Luca Lupattelli