What is Marketing Automation

Do you know what is Marketing Automation?

I am so sorry for the title but actually, I am getting so interested in this argument that I wanna start writing something about it.

Let’s start with the Naming “Marketing Automation”

Following what Marketo Says, Marketing Automation is

“a category of technology that allows companies to streamline, automate, and measure marketing tasks and workflows, so they can increase operational efficiency and grow revenue faster”

Let’s split this sentence word by word.

1. Marketing Automation is a category of technology

Fuck man, is a category of technology that means that we are talking about technology so we are saying that behind this system there is a software, a tool. CORRECT!

Hubspot, for example, says that “Marketing automation refers to the software that exists with the goal of automating marketing actions”

This is a really good point of start: Software!

I don’t want to go too much in deep about tools but yes this is the first thing we need to decide before to build an Automation Strategy. We need to know what a tool can do, how and be expert about how that tool will work into our Marketing Strategy. WE NEED TO PROVIDE BENEFIT TO THE COMPANY OR TO THE CLIENTS so LETS START STUDYING and GET CERTIFIED with the software we are going to use(I know sometimes I am crazy about certifications)

2. Marketing Automation allows companies to streamline marketing tasks

As we said our process has to optimize processes and for sure a marketing automation strategy needs to get everything simple. All the marketing tasks have to be fluid and have to be concentrated in the ROI increasing

3. Marketing Automation allow company to automate marketing tasks

We all know that Digital Marketing today is a crazy thing. We have to think about too many things and our strategy has to include everything. We don’t want to leave something in the back. We need to increase conversions/leads so we HAVE TO BE PREPARED and ORGANIZED. And everything needs to be automated because we don’t want to lose a potential client at all. I suggest to create study your strategy more in deep and generate a Mind map or a word doc including all steps before to get started. Personally, I love to create my strategy in a big paper before to put everything in a Client Ready Format

4. Marketing Automation is measure marketing tasks and workflows

This is the point that I love completely. Before to say anything lets create a list of what marketing automation should include:

• Email Marketing
• Landing Pages and Forms
• Campaign Management
• Prediction/Scoring
• Customer lifecycle Management
• Lead Management
• CRM Integration
• Social Marketing
• Marketing Analytics
• Mobile Marketing

More or less this is exactly what a Marketing Automation Strategy should include (This is what Marketo Says and what I really convinced every marketer should organize into a Marketing Automation Strategy – of course, every client/case is different and should include one of those points).

So Marketing Automation in my opinion (and not only) is NON JUST AN EMAIL MARKETING SYSTEM but a process (emarsys give us a great example of what I am saying)


What is Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation is a multi-channel machine that can be used for a B2B strategy or for a B2C strategy. (we will talk about it in the future)

Remember to build your workflow right after the organization of your tasks. (Mindmap, papers? I prefer papers at the beginning lol)

5. Marketing Automation increases operational efficiency and grows revenue faster

Measure! Measure! Measure!

This is the basic thing of every Marketing Strategy. We have to increase the revenue and be efficient.

Remember you have to be in love with your numbers if now every kind of marketing strategy doesn’t make any sense.


If you love Marketing strategies, if you own a company, if you are a marketer, Marketing automation is something that should interest you so much. Get involved and don’t forget to Plan before and Measure!