The internet has paved way too many sources of business and email marketing is one of the most attractive marketing types. The important part of an email is the subject line and the next is the call to action. If you wish to nail on call to action through email campaigns, here are some best ways.

  1. Keep the Call to Action precise

The most common mistake of calls to action email marketing is that it is unnecessarily lengthy. There is a need for the writer to distill the call to action to relate to the essentials. The ‘call to action’ words must not be over 5 words. One such intriguing call to action word is ‘Shop Now’. This stirs action.

  1. Inform People What to Do

Noticing ‘Shop Now’ for some works as ‘101’ and they get into action. On the other hand, for others it is a revelation and so you must inform people exactly that they have to do.  You can make your calls to action truly instructional and tell people that they have to do. A few calls to action are:

  • Look inside
  • Add to wish list
  • Shop Now
  • Share here
  • Go 
  1. Urge People to react or take action now

For effective email marketing that is also direct you can add at the end ‘today’.  This is a pattern that is prevalent already such as ‘Sign up today’, ‘Get started on with your new life today’, ‘Mail this card today’.  The today word calls for immediate action.

Nowadays, a shorter timeframe is given so that people respond instantly. Luckily, “now” is the ideal word calling to action. It is short, and can be added to any call to action e.  “Now” is a common and rightly understood word. It is really very clear that even toddlers know ‘now’.

  1. Limit to One Call to Action

You will get better results if you implement or limit to one call to action.  In case, you prefer having more than one call to action, keep one in larger font or make it bold and the next one in a muted color.

Another twist is to use multiple calls to action such that it is differently phrased such as ‘Find out more’ and ‘Download the report’. Actually, both take to same landing page.

  1. Make Outstanding Call to Action

Use interesting tricks to see Call to Action as outstanding. It may be more visible or just visible. Use noticeable color in email marketing. The calls to action are to put ‘Download Now’ in yellow button that pops out and ‘Request Pricing’ in an overall color so that it calls to action.