Salesforce Integration With Marketo

The Marketo integrations with Salesforce ensure sync between the two in both directions for leads, contacts and Salesforce campaigns. As a result whenever changes are effected either in Marketo or in Salesforce, both systems will reflect the changes. Apart from these three syncs all other syncs occur in the Salesforce to Marketo direction only. In addition to leads, contacts and Salesforce campaigns, accounts, users, opportunities, custom object and activity are synced between Marketo and Salesforce. The Salesforce integrations facilitate increase in revenue by way of making the sales well focused on the very best opportunities. Since Marketo easily integrates with almost all CRM systems, the sales can be kept up to date always.

 Connecting Marketo to the CRM system

The sales team has to identify the customers who are really interested and are ready to buy the product. They should decide which customer they should contact immediately and there should be positive as well as negative scoring based on behavior, demography, inactivity and various other dimensions. It is very important to provide the sales team all the information that are essential to close all hot deals as well as opportunities with a clear dashboard which is completely integrated in to the CRM system. It is possible to have seamless connection between Marketo and the CRM system of the marketing firm. The sales team is kept up to date as a result of syncs in both directions every 5 minutes. The custom objects and fields get automatically synced as soon as the CRM credentials are entered. Addition as well as deletion of objects and fields to the CRM framework will be updated automatically in Marketo.

Using the Salesforce contacts

Salesforce is one of the most popular CRM tools. The users of Marketo may have to say a lot about their experiences because of the Salesforce integrations. However, those who use Marketo find it difficult to know how they use the fields and data in Salesforce. When the sales team uses Marketo mainly and since the syncing is bidirectional one should clearly know how to use the Salesforce contacts or lead objects in order to pull the appropriate fields for Marketo scoring.

Facilitates lead retrieval

Many users are of the opinion that Marketo is highly intuitive and it very well integrates with Salesforce. The Marketo integrations with Salesforce enable proper tracking and nurturing of leads in the CRM of the users. As a result of the integration both the programs work together and function smoothly and provide great opportunities for lead retrieval. Those who already had detailed training will be able to use the program to the maximum extent.