Account Based Marketing

The marketing campaigns in B2B marketing is often aimed at covering the maximum number of potential clients in the target market. But, in Account Based Marketing, the marketing campaigns are rather personalized and are meant for a selected number of accounts in the target market. When the campaign is personalized, it carries a message that is for a specific account targeted by the marketers and hence is based on the nature as well as requirements of that particular account. Marketers opt for ABM, when they target a specific customer with potential for high-value business. In this type of marketing since the marketing efforts are oriented towards a particular customer, the approach is made on a narrow path only. Technological advancements in the field of marketing have made this type of marketing cost-effective and as a result personalized marketing is no more an expensive alternative to traditional marketing. It is already proved beyond doubt that the Return of Investment is substantially higher in personalized marketing, when compared to other types of marketing.

Only targeted accounts

Marketers who carry out Account Based Marketing are able to ensure optimum use of their marketing resources since their activities are concentrated on specific accounts. When the campaign is aimed at targeted accounts, the contents will be more relevant to those accounts and as a result they will be engaged in a better and more effective way. The targeted customers who go through the content of the marketing campaigns are sure to find the same more relevant to their needs so that they give more attention to it. When the campaign is aimed to cover a large number of customers in the target market it will be very difficult to assess the effectiveness of the campaign whereas when it covers a limited number of accounts only, the picture will be very clear to draw conclusions easily.

Targeting IP addresses

ABM strategy enables the marketers to bring a potential customer in to their fold and make that customer or company a source of revenue. In this type of marketing the marketers are able to focus their attention as well as efforts more effectively since the account they meet or with whom they communicate are pre-qualified. Personalized marketing is in fact a technique of real-time marketing and this type of marketing is 100% targeted. Since B2B purchase decisions are made by a group of people, in personalized marketing the marketers need not focus on an individual, but on the collective group. Hence, IP-based targeting is found very effective in this type of marketing. By way of addressing the marketing messages specifically to the IP addresses, the message can be conveyed to the proper people there by making it more effective.