Good Morning Marketers,

Hope you had a great Christmas and you are enjoying a lot those holidays. Today, after reading a lot across SEO and what we have to do before to launch a website in 2017 I decided to write down a checklist as I did for the 2016.

I feel that this can help a lot me and marketers to just have some crucial points in your eyes because we know that every year SEO is changing a lot (We know algorithms changes al lot of times in one year) and the Mobile presence is not the first thing we have to take care when we get started with a web project.

But lets get started:

  1. Check your indexing status. Ideally this number should be largely proportional to the total number of pages
  2. Make all sources crawlable (CSS and Javascript too)
  3. Optimize the number of pages that Google crawl in a specific period
  4. Make sure you are not duplicate pages. Is better loos one of them that use canonical
  5. Avoid indexing for pages with no SEO value (Privacy policy, Terms and condition, etc). You can use Disallow in your robot.txt
  6. Fix Broken Links
  7. Keep the sitemap up to date
  8. Audit Internal links (Make sure you are thinking as a potential customer and you are making your structure for a 3-steps-get-goal. The home page has not to be more than 3 clicks away from your landing page)
  9. Check Broken links
  10. Don’t use a large number of redirect links bringing people to the desired page. The load time is very important in 2017 and we want to keep the website fast
  11. Don’t use orphan pages
  12. Keep the sitemap shorter than 50,000 URLs
  13. Test and improve website speed
  14. Use AMP

Just make sure to add to this list the following concepts

  1. Understand who is your customer and also which is your solution to his problem
  2. You need to create a specific team focused on client-first strategy
  3. Your content needs to be creative, branding oriented and optimized for long tail keywords
  4. Keep in mind that the Search Engine Learing machine is keeping growing so remember that the algorithm is based on the BrainRank and oriented in mobile first index
  5. Google helps websites that can satisfy users across multiple devices shifting from Mobile-first to Desktop and Mobile. Google Search Consolecan be the tool for 2017
  6. Crate content for specific segments
  7. Long form content . The content needs to be between 2,000 and 4,000 words for articles
  8. We’ll start to see the power of the Voice Search
  9. We need to answer to the Client Questions
  10. Location follow the mobile
  11. Search engines will judge ‘value’ of search visibility through a user satisfaction lens.

Hope you enjoyed this list I put together. If you have more points than that. Please write a comment and I ll add it.

Thank you for your help

Buon Lavoro e Buone Feste Marketers,